Gourmet Beauty & Relaxation

Our professional wellness cares are delighting your skin while chocolate flavour is relaxing your spirit. The gourmet flavors and delicious textures take you on a multisensory and amazing discovery!


Facial treatments - Hydra Ré-confort

   Beauty "Douceur Maya" anti-ageing: Moisturizing, repulping and anti-ageing, the skin looks supple.

    Radiance "Noir Fondant": Providing a wonderful cushion effect, the skin looks radiant and firm. 

    Special Purifying: Smoothing and reparing for all kind of skins. 

Body treatments - Hydra Ré-confort

   "Tonic Chocolate" scrub: A soft exfoliation and a silky effect, this unique association of chocolate and sea salt firms up and

mineralizes the skin while having an anti-ageing protection.

   "Hot Chocolate" wrap:  A warming and relaxing effect, remineralising and stimulating of the breakdown of lipids. 

   Hydra Ré-confort complete body treatment


Relaxing massages - Hydra Ré-confort

   "Sensual Chocolate" candle massage: A warme texture with chocolate/vanilla flavours for an optimal relaxation. 

   "Sweet Chocolate" balsam massage: An innovative texture for a satin-soft effect. 

   Massage divin with "Elixir Précieux Praliné": A Delicious gourmet massage with praline flavour. 

Spa/Balneo - Hydra Ré-confort   

   Bath powder "Milky Chocolate": Moisturizing, mineralizing and stimulating the breakdown of lipids. 

   Bath Crystals "Silky Chocolate": Moisturizing and firming. 

   Bath Syrup "Fruity Chocolate": Fruity and gourmet flavours, moisturizing and firming.