Crème Exquise
Délice Divin
For a restructured and regenerated skin
• 50 ml (retail) pot • Natural high quality ingredients without parabens or additives and without synthetic perfume or colouring agents. • The exceptional action of the Exquise Crème is thanks to the high quality basic ingredients, such as cocoa butter, shea butter, nut oil and apricot kernel oil and bioferment with firming extract from the fruit of the cocoa tree. To this, two “brand new” innovative natural active substances are added: Stimulhyal: hyaluronic acid booster and elastine, an active substance certified and patented by Ecocert. Aquaxyl: active substance with various functions, certified by Ecocert, very hydrating and restructuring. Its action makes the skin fuller and younger. The effect is already visible after 28 days. An innovative concentrated treatment thanks to:  Stimulhyal: patented active substance that specifically stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and elastine to counter the signs of aging.  Aquaxyl: patented active substance that restructures and refines the skin granule and makes rimples shallower with a proven immediate and long-lasting effect.  Nut oil: natural oil that is used often in cosmetics for the mature skin because of its regenerative properties, combat free radicals.  Bioferment extract from cocoa beans, rich in flavonoids that combat free radicals and trap or destroy particles that are a danger to the health of cells. This slows down aging and maintains tissue tone so that you continue to look radiantly youthful.