Fluide Jeunesse
Gourmandise Absolue
For a hydrated and smooth skin
• 50 ml (retail) and 100 ml (cabin) pot • Natural ingredients without parabens or additives and without synthetic perfume or colouring agents. • The excellent performance of Fluide Jeunesse is thanks to the synergy of the basic substances and an active substance from cocoa, namely bioferment. The cocoa butter, shea butter, rosy muscat grape oil, apricot kernel oil and extract of rosemary leaves form an exceptionally rich basis. • A delicious formula that is truly a pleasure to use. Triple-action facial treatment • Preventive treatment Jeunesse Absolue thanks to:  Bioferment extract of cocoa: firming, counters free radicals  Vitamin E: anti-oxidant active substance that counters aging  Extract van coconut: exceptional nutrient substance for an immediate smooth sensation.  Rosy muscat grape oil: rich in Omega 3 and 6, essential fatty acids, has regenerative properties, delays the effects of aging.  Vitamin A and apricot kernel oil for cell regeneration. • A moisture barrier-effect thanks to:  High quality emulsifying excipients of vegetable origin that maintain an optimal moisture content thanks to natural fatty acids and sugar esters on the basis of xylose. • A strengthened nutrient treatment thanks to:  Extract of coconut and cocoa butter: efficient and supportive of lipid formation  Shea butter: contains valuable nutrient properties, makes the skin smooth and counters inflammation Suggested use Fluide Jeunesse is very suitable for skin types that need comfort and hydration, and to counter aging. Apply this product in the morning after the Brume Dynamisante Chocolat spiced with ginger in small quantities to the whole face and neck.