Masque Instant Purifiant
Noir Fondant
Restorative and cleansing treatment
50 ml (retail)pot Excellent quality: without preservatives, only biodegradable natural ingredients, no synthetic perfumes, colouring agents or additives. Natural cocoa powder, originating from the best cocoa beans, created during a special roasting method that gives the cocoa its pure and strong aroma, enjoys an excellent reputation: a true pleasure for the skin that is prickled! The Instant Noir Fondant mask looks like a creamy and delicious chocolate crème and consists mainly of pure cocoa powder enriched with powerful active substances, such as bioferment of cocoa, nut oil and natural willow extract. This formula creates a facemask that cleanses, smoothens and repairs the skin. Suitable for normal, oily acneic and mixed skin types. Just a few minutes after applying the mask, the skin once again becomes radiant, supple and firm and is once more naturally protected.