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Mousse Exfoliante Pralinée
A wonderfoul "cushion effect"
50 ml (retail) Naturally biodegradable ingredients without synthetic perfume, colouring agents, additives or parabens; a high quality product. This excellent quality excipient consists of vegetable nut oil, cocoa butter, glycerine and vegetable waxes, and is enriched with cane sugar and fine Belgian cocoa powder to form a delicious chocolate mousse with a wonderful “cushion effect” on the skin. BeChocolate Pralinée Mousse is suitable for all types of skin and ensures a very gentle mechanical peeling; its mousse texture changes into oil and so preserves its form for a long time and gently removes all the dead cells. Thanks to BeChocolate Pralinée exfoliant mousse the skin looks radiant, smooth and clean once again and is thoroughly hydrated.