Brume Dynamisante
Chocolat épicé au Gingembre
for a refreshed and firmer skin
200 ml (retail) bottle Naturally biodegradable ingredients without parabens, synthetic perfume or colouring agents; a high quality product Brume Dynamisante is much more than an ordinary tonic lotion because it has a firming, anti-aging action. It is recommended in combination with Velouté Démaquillant. The basis of Brume Dynamisante Chocolat spiced with ginger consists of an extract with ginger glycerine and a gentle cleansing substance on the basis of sugar enriched with bioferment of cocoa and essential ginger oils. The lotion makes the cleansing perfect by removing the last impurities or traces of Velouté Démaquillant and makes the skin firmer, fresh and radiant.