BeChocolate... the chocolate delight for your beauty

Discover the unique chocolate cosmetics range from Belgium


Marie-Christine Degrève, BeChocolate´s founder and director, has been inspired by the long tradition of Belgian chocolate to offer you the concept of gourmet beauty and relaxation. 

Launched in March 2011, the brand BeChocolate Belgian Cosmetics is born from the confluence of the passion for chocolate and the aspiration to create body and spirit’s wellness care. The desire to combine relaxing cocoa flavours and their benefits for the skin has grown up, and was enriched by Marie-Christine’s complicity with her daughter Lisa, aesthetician. The idea of chocolate cosmetics has finally come true thanks to Mrs Naveau’s expertise in cosmetology.


BeChocolate invites you to enlarge chocolate universe by proposing you relaxing moments and chocolate wellness cares.

Chocolate... relaxing aromas & benefits for the skin

BeChocolate cosmetics are mainly composed of two ingredients issued from chocolate: cocoa butter and cocoa powder. They both have incontestable properties for the skin: anti-age, supreme moisturing, mineralizing and stimulating the breakdown of lipids. Cocoa is enriched with other innovative and natural actives to offer you high quality wellness cares and various savours. 

  • Without colouring agents or synthetic perfumes
  • Without allergens or paraben